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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rain, rain go away ... and cold, too.

MLB has poor judgment. Commissioner Bud Selig displayed that again with his ignoring rules and continuing game five of the World Series two days later from the point of suspension. The solution: remove judgment. No MLB game may be played if the temperature is below 50 (I could be talked into 60) degrees or if there is any precipitation. Can't just say rain because the idiot Selig would play in sleet, hail or snow. Oh, and the ground must be dry, too. MLB is lucky that Tampa's B.J. Upton did not break a leg and ruin his career sliding twice in a driving rain to tie the game and give MLB some cover for its suspension decision. That should do it. Then, maybe, they would put lids (preferably removable) on the ballparks, as well as temperature controls, you know, so that fans in the stands (as opposed to those watching at home) would be reasonably comfortable.