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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is the catcher optional?

Maybe it's in the MLB rules but I did not notice that a player is required to play catcher. Let's say there are two outs, no runners, two strikes on the batter. May the catcher move into fair territory to add a fielder? The pitch may hit the umpire behind home base but even if it does not, the third baseman can probably retrieve it before the batter can run to first if the batter intentionally swings and misses for strike three. Just asking.


Cliff Blau said...

If the pitcher throws a pitch without the catcher in his box, it is a balk. Of course, this means that pitchers balk on every pitch of an intentional walk, although it is never called.

Ken said...

A balk on whom? Can't be a cather's balk if there is no catcher.

Maybe it's like making that sound in the forest with no one to hear it.