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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 homers in one road park in one season for one batter

Is that a record for one road park in one season?

I first noticed:

Willie Mays: 8 homers in Milwaukee in 1961.  It was the last season that NL played 11 games in each road park, so if a batter had more it would probably have before 1961.  Mays actually only played 10 games with 37 AB.  Four homers in one game.

4 for 5.  The out was a fly to CF, don't know how far.  Mays was on deck in 9th when Jim Davenport made the last out.

Then, just for the heck of it, I checked the Babe in 1927.  I knew he had hit 32 on the road.  Sure enough: 8 homers in 49 AB in Fenway Park Boston , which was tough back then because the Red Sox had not installed the bullpens to bring in the RC fence for Ted Williams.  Yanks played 12 games in Fenway Park in 1927, 10 at Yankee Stadium.  The Babe hit three homers against Boston in Yankee Stadium.

When Ruth set the season home run record in 1919 playing for the Red Sox, the first of four times the Babe set that record, he hit only 9 homers in Feway in 200 AB; 20 homers on the road in 232 AB for a record total of 29 home runs.

One last hunch:

Jimmie Foxx: NINE homers in 44 AB in Navin Field (Tiger Stadium) in Detroit in 1932!  Foxx hit 58 homers in 1932, 27 on the road.  Hank Greenberg hit 58 in 1938 but only 19 on the road, max four in Yankee Stadium.

Foxx homered off these Tigers in Detroit in 1932:
Tommy Bridges
Earl Whitehill
Tommy Bridges
Vic Sorrell
Rip Sewell
Whit Wyatt
Whit Wyatt
Earl Whitehill
Buck Marrow

Foxx hit four more homers against Detroit in Philadelphia in 1932.

This is no way to check this.  Does anyone know a better way and/or how to check it?

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