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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Defensive stats.

I generally do not trust defensive stats for individuals.

In 2011 there's been a lot of noise about Brett Gardner of the Yankees being the best defensive LF in AL.  So what?  The Yanks moved their best CF to LF to make room for Curtis Granderson.  Does that suddenly add substantial brownie points to Gardner's overall rating because the Yankees are under utilizing his skills?

This also applies to Hall of Fame credentials.  How much higher would Al Kaline have been rated had he played CF, which he did for 400 games when Detroit also had Rocky Colavito, instead of RF where he played because of his great arm?  Same with Ichiro Suzuki today.

How much less would Duke Snider have been rated had he played LF instead of that small CF in Ebbets Field?  Would Snider have been elected to the HoF?  I doubt it.

Would current Yankee fans suggest that Bernie Williams is a borderline Hofer had Williams played LF instead of CF?  Not even close.  Williams won a Gold Glove only after Ken Griffey, Jr. and Jim Edmonds moved to the NL, not because Williams suddenly improved a lot.

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