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Sunday, October 16, 2011

400 home run hitters HBP

Click title to see data.

HBP among batters with 400 HR:

High: Robinson 198
Low: Foxx & Mantle 13 (play by play data has Mantle with 12)

High: Giambi
Low: Mantle (could be lower if based on 12 HBP)

Hit least frequently includes all three switch hitters (B):
Mantle B
Foxx R
Chipper Jones B
Murray B

Hit most frequently:
Giambi L
Delgado L
Robinson R
Rodriguez R

Ruth & Gehrig only four places apart.

Mickey Mantle played from 1951 through 1968.  He was not HBP until April 13, 1955 (McDermott); he was hit again April 23 (Delock) and April 28 (Bishop).  He has another four year period without HBP: 1963 through 1966.  Click to see his HBP events.  It shows 12 HBP, 8 in April.  No pitcher hit Mantle more than once:
Tom Brewer 1
Art Ditmar 1
Billy Loes 1
Tom Phoebus 1
Joe McClain 1
Frank Lary 1
Jim Lonborg 1
Charlie Bishop 1
Ike Delock 1
Billy O'Dell 1 lefty
Pedro Ramos 1
Mickey McDermott 1

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