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Monday, March 4, 2013

Strike Out a game card strategy.

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Use the card once a game to get an automatic strike out.  Just hand it to the plate umpire.

Obviously, only an idiot would wait until the ninth inning to use the card, which should tell you something about the orthodoxy of holding back your best relief pitcher until the ninth.  And the card is a sure thing, the pitcher is not.

If the other team gets the first three batters on base in the first inning with the big bopper coming up the manager of the defense would not hesitate in using the card.  OK, maybe current managers would hesitate but future ones would not.

Now don't let this influence how you vote or how you think about the stupid closer role assigned to the best relief pitcher and how much it limits his effectiveness while grossly inflating his perceived value.

Just remember, the card gets about 75% as many outs as the closer by retiring only one batter a game.    And the card does it EVERY game without fail.  The card is REALLY a sure thing.  That should make you rethink the closer role.  Or maybe not.

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BaseballSiscoKidStyle said...

Now that's a very interesting concept. The Baseball traditionalists would be frothing at the mouth as we speak reading your post. I think it has considerable merit. Talk about bring some added strategy into the game.

Baseball Sisco Kid Style