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Friday, March 8, 2013

WBC: mid season, three days.

The usual unimaginative ideas are being floated by the usual unimaginative people, pretty much every fan and media type, about improving the format of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) now being played.  How about this: play the entire thing at mid season in July at three locations in three days.

How?  Easy: single elimination with double headers.  The intensity would be unbelievable.  Roster depth would be very important, which is a better test of a country's baseball talent.  Team managers would actually have to put some effort into resource allocation.

16 teams.

8 at one location.  8 at another location.

1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, etc. at each location.

Now we're down to four who play a second game that day.  Now we're down to two at each of the two locations.

Travel day.

The final four convene at a third location.  1 plays 4.  2 plays 3.  Winners play a second game that day for the championship.

Simple.  Unlike basketball and, especially, football, baseball players can and have played multiple games on the same day.

Major Baseball League (MBL) commissioner Bud Selig, has your head exploded?

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