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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bud Selig and steroids: what did he know and when did he know it?

I started this blog in 2007.  By far the most viewed post all time has been:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010  Nolan Ryan: more on possible steroid use.

That is also true for the most recent:
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It's amazing.  People search on various combinations of  "Nolan Ryan" and steroids and find my post.  Why are they searching on that and why is possible use by Ryan never addressed by Major Baseball League (MBL) officials and main stream media people?  Bill James suggests without naming any that steroid users are already in the Hall of Fame.

Ken Caminiti May 7, 1997 Baseball Weekly
Steroid era commissioner Allen Huber "Bud" Selig (1992 to present) allowed Ryan to run the Texas Rangers for years until Ryan was forced out in an internal power struggle in 2013.

Jose Canseco was MVP in 1988.  Ken Caminiti was MVP in 1996.  Both admitted to using steroids, Canseco in a 2005 book, Juiced, and TV interview on 60 Minutes.  This led to the Mitchell Report.

Steroid Report Cites ‘Collective Failure’
Published: December 14, 2007 in The New York Times

Mr. Mitchell said “baseball’s steroids era” started roughly in 1988. It took 15 more years for baseball to start random testing, Mr. Mitchell said. He noted that testing has reduced steroid usage, but players have switched to human growth hormone, which cannot be detected in urine tests, which baseball’s program administers. “Everybody in baseball — commissioners, club officials, the players’ association, players — shares responsibility,” Mr. Mitchell said.


Among the players named for possible use of performance enhancing drugs are Barry BondsKevin BrownKen CaminitiJose CansecoRoger ClemensEric GagneJason GiambiJuan GonzalezPaul Lo DucaMark McGwireRafael PalmeiroAndy Pettitte,Gary Sheffield, and Miguel Tejada. One should note that Jason Giambi and Frank Thomas were the only active players who agreed to talk to the investigators.
Over 2 million people downloaded the report in the first couple days it was online.
On April 11, every player named in the report was given amnesty as MLB put into place more frequent testing and gave more power to outside authorities, all of which had been recommended in the Report.

Apparently the baseball writers voting for the Hall of Fame did not hear about the amnesty.  Many of the writers have taken it upon themselves to place any and all players suspected of using performance enhancing drugs, especially steroids, on their own insidious version of the ineligible list.

In a warped relationship how will those same writers treat the Hall of Fame candidacy of Selig after he leaves office in January 2015?  I recently addressed that issue for field managers but obviously it applies more and more as you climb the MBL hierarchy ladder, the buck stopping with the commissioner.

Thursday, January 9, 2014  Tony LaRussa managed Mark McGwire (twice). So why is LaRussa a Hall of Famer but not McGwire?

Tony LaRussa managed Mark McGwire in both Oakland and St. Louis...

LaRussa's career as manager was enhanced by drugs, those used by his players.  How come LaRussa is not held accountable by the baseball writers who vote for the Hall of Fame?  ..

Let's pose the two key questions used by Senator Howard Baker in the Watergate hearings:
What did LaRussa know and when did he know it?

It's at least as plausible that LaRussa knew all along but certainly by 1998 when McGwire set the season HR record.  If the BBWAA members can claim to have enough certainty about some players without direct evidence then shouldn't they have enough to judge the immediate supervisor of those same players?  Isn't LaRussa also culpable and benefiting from the fruit of the poisonous tree?

What the heck?

If the field manager is culpable, then certainly the commissioner is.  Shouldn't Commissioner Selig resign in the same disgrace that he shares with the players?

Selig, President Obama, Hank Aaron
2009 All-Star Game
If Selig did not know, he is incompetent.  If he did know, he is corrupt.

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