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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yankee over/under.

Over or under 120 games played in the field for the Yankees in 2014:

Brian McCann - catcher; Born: February 20, 1984; last done in 2011
Mark Teixeira - first baseBorn: April 11, 1980; last done in 2011
Brian Roberts - second base;  Born: October 9, 1977; last done in 2009
Derek Jeter - shortstop; Born: June 26, 1974; last done in 2012
Carlos Beltran - right field; Born: April 24, 1977; last done in 2013

In April Beltran will be 37 years old.  He is the only one of these five to play at least 120 games in the field in 2013.  McCann is the youngest but he plays catcher and hasn't played 120 in three years.

Over or under 120 innings pitched for the Yankees in 2014:

Micheal Pineda.  He's only 25 but has yet to throw a regular season pitch for the Yankees.  171 innings in 2011 for Seattle, his only Major Baseball League (MBL) season.

30 starts in 2014 for the Yankees:

Masahiro Tanaka.  Also only 25.  27 starts in 2013 in Japan where he pitched once a week.

Finally, IQ over/under 120: Hal Steinbrenner?

My guesses:
McCann under.
Teixeira over.
Roberts - are you kidding?  Under.
Jeter under.
Beltran over.

Pineda over.
Tanaka under.

Steinbrenner under.

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