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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grand slam homers for two teams in one season.

Watching game one of the natural doubleheader between the Yankees and Pirates at the Stadium, I'm already going a little stir crazy.  The Yankee announcers mentioned that Pirate Ike Davis, acquired this season from the Mets, is one of only three players who hit grand slams (four run homers) for two teams in one season.  Others: Mike Piazza and Ray Boone.

I checked the others.

Ray Boone 1953
by Bowman Gum
via Wikimedia Commons
In 1953 Boone hit two for Cleveland​, then two for Detroit.  One off St. Louis Brown Bob Cain for each team.  Boone hit 8 career.

​In 1998 Piazza hit three for the LA Dodgers (two on consecutive days) and one for the Mets.​  Piazza hit 14 career.

​Too bad Yank researchers didn't look a little further.​

I also noticed that Boone led in RBI one year.  His grandson Bret Boone also led in RBI.  I wonder if they are the only grand (father/son) to lead in the same major batting stat.

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