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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Giants should have been banned from recent tournaments.

I mention the Giants because they won three of the five most recent Major Baseball League (MBL) tournaments.  This should apply to all teams as follows.

Melky Cabrera: should his stats be purged and his team's wins vacated?  Sunday, August 19, 2012

Melky Cabrera
Giants at Oakland June 23, 2012
by X Wad via Wikimedia Commons
What about the record of Melky's team?  Without Melky the Giants would probably have won fewer games.  Shouldn't the Giants wins with Melky playing be vacated the way the NCAA does with rules violations in football?  And shouldn't the Giants be banned from the MBL tournament for a couple of seasons?  ...

Last but not least: Melky was MVP in the 2012 All Star game, which though an exhibition, carries the weight of designating which conference champion receives home field advantage in game seven of the finals of the MBL tournament.  Shouldn't that result also be vacated and home field advantage awarded to the American Conference?

What a tangled web.  I'll be rooting for Melky to have the highest batting average in his conference just to see the hypocrites and zealots squirm.

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