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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pedro Martinez: perfect game, 8th inning, drills batter.

It was the second start of 1994 for Pedro Martinez, his first season for Montreal after pitching these innings for the Dodgers: 8 in 1992, 107 in 1993 .  Felipe Alou was the Montreal manager.  Martinez had retired the first 22 batters and led 2-0 when he drilled Reggie Sanders so flagrantly that Sanders charged the mound.  Sanders was replaced but it brought up Roberto Kelly who could have tied the game with a home run.  Martinez struck out Kelly swinging.

Wednesday, April 13, 1994, 7:38, Stade Olympique
Attendance: 14,072, Time of Game: 2:15
Expos 3, Reds 2

Pedro Martinez81110801.292694663218169820840.4711.013.8
John Wetteland, BS (2), W (1-1)11112003.686198710220011-0.2054.56-1.1
Team Totals92222802.00321137439191611102084110.2661.652.7
Martinez hit a batter intentionally, brought up the tying run, even though he was pitching a perfect game in the 8th inning.

Elected on first ballot: Pedro Martinez, head hunting psychopath...

So the one character offense from which even a confession cannot redeem you is PED use .... if you are a home run hitter.  If you are a mere head hunting psychopath, then you can be elected on the first ballot.

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