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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Batting order of my all time Yankee team.

My team has changed since the 2009 post.  Alex Rodriguez replaced Graig Nettles at third base and for making a lineup I decided to include both Mantle and DiMaggio even though both played center field.  There is no designated hitter (DH).

All time Yankee team.  Saturday, June 13, 2009

most over-rated ... under-rated

Mantle v. DiMaggio Monday, June 15, 2009

Mantle walked a lot, DiMaggio did not. Mantle struck out a lot, DiMaggio did not.

I don't think we can measure fear by walks, nor team play by strike outs or lack of them. They had very different attributes as batters.

If you just glance at their batting stats, the Mick has WAY more black ink. Mick lead AL in OPS+ in his first full season, 1952, NINE times total. Joe lead once. Career OPS+: Mantle 172 (6th best), DiMaggio 155 (22nd best)...

It wasn't until 10-15 years ago that I realized that Mantle was clearly better than Joe D. That's how much even a lifetime Mickey Mantle fan had been brain washed.

1933 Goudey card via Wikimedia Commons
1. Mickey Mantle CF
2. Lou Gehrig 1B
3. Joe DiMaggio LF
4. Babe Ruth RF
5. Alex Rodriguez 3B
6. Yogi Berra C
7. Tony Lazzeri 2B
8. Derek Jeter SS


Cliff Blau said...

Tony Lazerri's WAR as a Yankee: 48.3; career 50.3.
Willie Randolph's WAR as a Yankee:
53.7; career 65.5.

Kenneth Matinale said...

Yankee Plate Appearances:
Randolph 7,464
Lazzeri 7,068


That accounts for some of the difference. Then there's also the uncertainty even with today's more detailed stats about fielding stats.

Oh, Lazzeri is in the Hall of Fame, a good, though not perfect, tie-breaker.

Is the real point that Jeter might escape being last?