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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Questions for current All Star players who support Pete Rose.

Supposedly the current All Star players support Pete Rose.  I'm guessing much of that is out of ignorance.  I'd ask them some questions other than whether they know that Rose had the most hits.

1. Do you know what rule Rose broke and why it is so important?

2. Do you know that Rose went to prison for not paying his income tax?

3. Do you think that Rose has a gambling addiction?

4. If you think that Rose has a gambling addiction, should Rose be treated for it?  Has Rose been treated?

5. Should a person with an addiction stay away from places which would directly tempt that addiction?

6. Are you aware that Rose works in Las Vegas for a casino company?  His job is to sign autographs.

7. If Rose is trying to show that he has changed his ways, should Rose be working in Las Vegas for a casino company?

8. If your manager bet on baseball games, including his own team, should he be banned for life?

9. Would you be suspicious of your manager's motivation if you learned that he was betting on his team to win?

10. If you bet on your team to win, what should be your punishment, if any?

11. Shouldn't being made permanently ineligible, be permanent?

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