Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mickey Mantle died 20 years ago. Link to 85 posts here featuring The Mick.

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The posts are in date order starting with the most recent.  When you get to the bottom of a page, click "Older Posts".  Some post titles:

Mickey Mantle hit homer 500 against the shift.

Mickey Mantle and others who bunted for hits.

The R in WAR: Mickey Mantle's replacement in 1963.

Should The Mick have switch hit? Commenting on Hawk Harrelson commenting on Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle: 565 foot home run, then bunt single in the same game!

Mickey Mantle: 7 games at shortstop and musical chairs.

Mantle family in the 1940 U.S. census

Mickey Mantle: 64 HR in Twilight Zone Squared.

Mickey Mantle: .400 BA batting only righty?

Frankie Mantle?

Mickey Mantle: father knew best but for the wrong reason.

Mickey Mantle batting only righty: .323 BA; .400 twice.

Mickey Mantle: Numbers You May Not Know.

Mickey Mantle was the best home run hitter of his era.

Mickey Mantle 1966: lightning back in his bat ... for 11 days.

Mantle & Maris still only teammates to hit 50 HR.

Mickey Mantle PH heroics following long absences: 1962 & 1963.

Mickey Mantle (1965-1968): much worse batting lefty ... or was he?

DiMaggio v. Mantle: BA and Slugging by year and career.

Mantle, Maris batting order: Fat Mike gets it wrong ... again.

Number 7 on the Yankees in 1951.

Did Mantle play any meaningful games against the Red Sox?

Mantle v. DiMaggio

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