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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

David Wright is paid 33 times more than Matt Harvey. Maybe that's why Wright understands Harvey's position.

1. David Wright: $20,000,000

21. Matt Harvey: $614,125

Those are their 2015 ranks among the Met players and their annual pay.  A complete list of all Mets is below.  Just to get it out of the way, Harvey is being paid way more than 99.9% of all Americans.  However, within the context of major league baseball Harvey is about at minimum wage.  Next season Harvey is arbitration eligible and can finally get some significant bucks.  For their careers they have been paid:

Wright: $105,446,500
Harvey: $1,105,375

Keep track of the number of digits.  That's $105 million to $1 million.  Obviously Wright has played much longer and has been arbitration eligible and potentially free agent eligible.  Additionally here is what they are owed in future pay:

Wright: $87,000,000 (2016 through 2020)
Harvey: 0

I mention David Wright not because he is the highest paid Met but because his name has been invoked as representing possible resentment among Harvey's Met teammates, even though no specific complaints have been indicated.  Sunday night in an 11-2 loss to the Yankees Harvey was removed from the game after five innings and only 77 pitches and leading 1-0.  Combined with the subsequent failure of the Met relief pitchers this provoked yet another round of mindless condemnation of Harvey by both fans and media.  Check this really good factual analysis in fangraphs.com:

Matt Harvey, Hansel Robles, and Hindsight
by Dave Cameron - September 21, 2015

One important thing that Cameron did not mention: only one of the five runs allowed by the first relief pitcher was earned because of errors by second baseman Daniel Murphy and third baseman David Wright.

The next day on the MLB Network a panel composed of former pitcher Joe Magrane (paid $5,040,500 for 1,097 innings over 8 seasons within 1987-1996) and three generation X types (Brian Kenny was absent) unanimously agreed that Harvey should rub his arm in the dirt and pitch until he drops for the greater glory of the New York Mets.  They speculated about possible dissension and mentioned that Wright was playing hurt.  Before Sunday's game Wright was interviewed on ESPN and gave no indication that he resented Harvey.  If anything, Wright was quite understanding.

Actually David Wright has played in only 30 of the 151 Met games in 2015.  Wright did not play while he was hurt.  Now that he is no longer hurt he is playing.  That's pretty much how it works.  Non-pitchers play with minor injuries but pitchers pretty much do not because that could cause an arm injury.

Dizzy Dean, April 15, 1935 cover of Time magazine by Acme Newspictures, Inc. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean is a cautionary tale from the 1930s:


In 1937 (top salary: $25,500), Dean suffered an injury after being hit in the toe by a line drive. Trying to return from the injury too quickly, Dean hut his arm and largely lost his effectiveness.

Matt Harvey has the basic right to get his big pay day.  It's his opportunity to secure his financial future and that of his family.  It's also his opportunity to just pile up a lot of money. What he does with it is none of our business.

Faced with the reality of his situation Harvey presented his doctor's note to get off work.  Maybe his earlier bluster was real but his common sense kicked in before he did something foolish.  Would any of us have acted differently in making the ultimate decision?  Now he is being pushed from almost all sides to pitch in the tournament, which will put him past his rough 180 innings limit.  Yes, we all know that there are many factors but who would continue into the unknown, especially at this stage in his career?  Maybe Harvey wants the big bucks.  Maybe he just does not want a second surgery and the long agonizing rehabilitation and uncertainty.  If you are one of the people pushing him to ignore his doctor and pitch as much as the Mets need him, how will you feel if Matt Harvey grabs his arm in pain and walks off the mound and a few days later into the operating room?

Name Age Yrs Acquired SrvTm Agent Contract Status 2015 ▾ 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
David Wright 32 12 Amateur Draft 10.075 ACES 14 yrs/$192M (07-20) $20M $20M $20M $20M $15M $12M
Curtis Granderson 34 12 Free Agency 9.077 Matt Brown 4 yrs/$60M (14-17) $16M $16M $15M FA
Bartolo Colon 42 18 Free Agency 16.061 Mitch Frankel 2 yrs/$20M (14-15) $11M FA
Yoenis Cespedes 29 4 Traded 3.000 Roc Nation Sports 4 yrs/$36M (12-15) $10.5M FA
Michael Cuddyer 36 15 Free Agency 11.157 Casey Close 2 yrs/$21M (15-16) $8.5M $12.5M FA
Tyler Clippard 30 9 Traded 5.148 Excel Sports Mana... 1 yr/$8.3M (15) $8.3M FA
Daniel Murphy 30 7 Amateur Draft 5.109 ACES 1 yr/$8M (15) $8M FA
Jon Niese 28 8 Amateur Draft 5.107 Tom O'Connell 5 yrs/$25.27M (12-16) & 17-18 team option $7M $9M $500k [FA-*] $0 [FA-*] FA
Juan Uribe 36 15 Traded 13.089 Martin Arburua 2 yrs/$15M (14-15) $6.5M FA
Eric O'Flaherty 30 10 Traded 7.062 MVP Sports Group 2 yrs/$7M (14-15) $5.5M FA
Addison Reed 26 5 Traded 3.027 Wasserman Media G... 1 yr/$4.88M (15) $4.88M Arb Arb FA
Lucas Duda 29 6 Amateur Draft 3.137 Beverly Hills Spo... 1 yr/$4.2M (15) $4.2M Arb Arb FA
Bobby Parnell 30 8 Amateur Draft 5.132 ACES 1 yr/$3.7M (15) $3.7M FA
Jenrry Mejia 25 5 Amateur Free Agent 2.140 Peter E. Greenber... 1 yr/$2.6M (15) $2.6M Arb Arb Arb FA
Jerry Blevins 31 9 Traded 5.081 Excel Sports Mana... 1 yr/$2.4M (15) $2.4M FA
Tim Stauffer 33 10 Free Agency 6.143 Ron Shapiro 1 yr/$2.2M (15) $2.2M FA
Ruben Tejada 25 6 Amateur Free Agent 3.171 Peter E. Greenber... 1 yr/$1.88M (15) $1.88M Arb Arb FA
Kelly Johnson 33 10 Traded 9.127 Relativity Baseba... 1 yr/$1.5M (15) $1.5M FA
Eric Young 30 7 Purchased 4.123 CAA Sports (Jeff ... 1 yr/$1M (15) $1M Arb FA
Buddy Carlyle 37 9 Free Agency 4.002 Alan Nero 1 yr/$725k (15) $725k Arb FA
Matt Harvey 26 3 Amateur Draft 2.072 Scott Boras 1 yr/$614k (15) $614.12k Arb Arb Arb FA
Carlos Torres 32 6 Free Agency 2.114 Full Circle Sport... 1 yr/$582k (15) $582.12k Arb Arb Arb FA
Jacob deGrom 27 2 Amateur Draft 0.139 1 yr/$557k (15) $556.88k Pre-Arb Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb
Zack Wheeler 25 2 Traded 1.098 Jet Sports Manage... 1 yr/$546k (15) $546.25k Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb FA
Juan Lagares 26 3 Amateur Free Agent 1.160 ACES (Sam & Seth ... 5 yrs/$23.03M (15-19) $528.7k $2.5M $4.5M $6.5M $9M FA
Travis d'Arnaud 26 3 Traded 1.044 Wasserman Media G... 1 yr/$525k (15) $525.42k Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb FA
Kirk Nieuwenhuis 27 4 Waivers 1.123 Paragon Sports In... 1 yr/$525k (15) $525.41k Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb FA
Jeurys Familia 25 4 Amateur Free Agent 2.030 ACES (Sam & Seth ... 1 yr/$524k (15) $523.92k Arb Arb Arb FA
Josh Edgin 28 3 Amateur Draft 2.015 1 yr/$521k (15) $520.62k Arb Arb Arb FA
Anthony Recker 31 5 Waivers 2.128 All Bases Covered 1 yr/$518k (15) $517.88k Arb Arb Arb FA
Wilmer Flores 23 3 Amateur Free Agent 1.003 ACES (Sam & Seth ... 1 yr/$514k (15) $513.54k Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb FA
Eric Campbell 28 2 Amateur Draft 0.142 1 yr/$511k (15) $511.06k Pre-Arb Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb
Rafael Montero 24 2 Amateur Free Agent 0.051 1 yr/$511k (15) $511k Pre-Arb Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb
Erik Goeddel 26 2 Amateur Draft 0.028 1 yr/$509k (15) $509.12k Pre-Arb Pre-Arb Arb Arb Arb
Dilson Herrera 21 2 Traded 0.031 Arb Arb Arb
Dario Alvarez 26 2 Free Agency 0.028 Arb Arb Arb
Johnny Monell 29 2 Free Agency 0.027 Arb Arb Arb
Wilfredo Tovar 23 2 Amateur Free Agent 0.016 Arb Arb Arb
Signed Players With Guaranteed Contracts (does not include players with options) *34 5 3 2 2 1
Dollars Committed Value of Guaranteed Contracts (no options are exercised and includes buyouts) *$133.9M $60M $40M $26.5M $24M $12M
Contract Options Players with any type of option 1 1
Option Values Maximum value of options if all are exercised $10M $11M
Arb Eligible Number of arbitration eligible players (1st-2nd-3rd-4th, "Arb" players = 3rds) 0-0-11-0 0-0-13-0 0-0-18-0 0-0-12-0 0-0-8-0
Arb Costs Rough estimated value of all arbitration cases (uses 3-year averages for 1st yr, 2nd,..) $43.2M $51.1M $70.7M $47.2M $31.4M
Other Players Additional Players Needed to Fill 25-man (no options exercised) 9 9 5 11 16
Other Costs Estimate of Remaining Players Costs (based on 1-year avg of all pre-arb players) $5.94M $5.94M $3.3M $7.26M $10.56M
Payroll (no options) Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other) $109.2M $97M $100.5M $78.4M $54M
Payroll (options) Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other) $109.2M $106.4M $110.9M $78.4M $54M
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 9/23/2015.

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