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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Buck Showalter way out of line calling out Chris Davis: how much is enough?

I've just seen the video a few times and I'm offended each time.  Baltimore manager Buck Showalter is asking rhetorically of his now free agent first baseman Chris Davis: How much is enough?

Davis is not present but in a public forum Showalter asks whether Davis has enough money to buy whatever he, Davis, or his children want at Target.  Then Showalter asks: What did you make last year, $10 million?  How much is enough?

Showalter was calling out Davis in no uncertain terms and taking sides with ownership against Davis in the contract negotiations between the two sides.

Showalter was way out of line and may have just driven Davis away.  This interference and display of disdain by the field manager should remove any sense of loyalty that might have been holding Davis back from breaking his ties with Baltimore.  It may also indicate why Davis considered leaving and turning down a good offer by the Orioles.

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paul46 said...

When I read it a short while ago I had the same reaction.