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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cut ticket prices in half.

No, this is not some populist rant. Billionaire owners are paying millionaire players. There's lots of money in the professional league.

In 2016 many players will be paid at least $20 million dollars.  That's $20,000,000. Pretty much all of them have received or will receive that in multiple other seasons. I think the last entity to own a team and lose money was CBS, which owned the Yankees from 1964 to 1973 when a group that included George Steinbrenner bought the team.

I'm all for the players getting as much as they can. The players risk their personal well being for our amusement and no matter how much we pretend to be concerned about the players, we really don't give a damn.

The players are the game, not the owners and sure as heck not the fans. The problem is that the owners have so much money that the players feel foolish if they don't get a big chunk of that.

$20,000,000 is way more money than anyone needs in a lifetime. I have no idea what they do with that or even half of it after taxes, etc. Then what do they do with it the next year and the next? The wealth of the owners must be on an even higher level.

Both groups can do quite well with a lot less money. We fans can and should make that happen. It would provide a better balance among the three groups: owners, players, fans.

Obviously, there are two actions:
- don't buy expensive tickets
- don't buy TV sponsor products.

These would be most effective if we fans informed the owners, players AND sponsors of our actions and motives.

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