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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hall of Fame Board of Directors: Manfred in, Selig out.

Rob Manfred replaced Bud Selig on the Hall of Fame Board of Directors in 2015.


Most of the membership appears to be the same as when I wrote about in previous posts.  Here are the current 15 members, including four players:

JANE FORBES CLARK: since 1992 and Chairman since 2000
Joe Morgan: since 1994; Vice Chairman since 2000
Kevin Moore: since 1992; president of The Clark Estates, Inc.
Paul Beeston: since 1998; (former) president and chief operating officer of Major League Baseball
Bill DeWitt: since 1998; St. Louis Cardinals owner
Bill Gladstone: since 1991; retired co-chief Ernst and Young
David Glass: since 2000; Kansas City Royals owner
Rob Manfred: since 2015; commissioner
Phil Niekro: since 2008
Jerry Reinsdorf: since 2008; Chicago White Sox owner
Brooks Robinson: since 1995
Frank Robinson: since 1998
Harvey Schiller: since 2009; chairman & CEO GlobalOptions Group, Inc. 
Ed Stack: since 1977
Thomas Tull: since 2013; chairman & CEO Legendary Entertainment

Apparently Tom Seaver is no longer a member as he was just a couple of years ago.  I was surprised to see Manfred, the A-Rod Slayer, is now a member ... and that Bud Selig is no longer a member.  Selig had been on the board since 1976.  Were these changes reported?  If so, where?

It's odd that you never hear that a player is a board member.  I mean never.  Joe Morgan is never introduced as Vice Chairman of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors. Right? Why not? It's a pretty cool title, right? Nor are the other three players introduced as a board members.

Photo of Joe MorganPhoto of Phil NiekroPhoto of Brooks RobinsonPhoto of Frank Robinson

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