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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Yanks naming Aroldis Chapman closer hurts their arbitration case against him.

Aroldis Chapman was named the 2016 closer by Yankee manager Joe Girardi a couple of days ago.  Chapman is eligible for salary arbitration for the 2016 season and even though he pitched for the Cincinnati Reds in 2015 he is now a Yankee and the Yankees will be making the case against Chapman if there is an arbitration hearing.

The Yankees substantially undermined their position by announcing their intent to replace their 2015 closer Andrew Miller with Chapman.  Here is what each was paid in 2015:
- Chapman: $8,050,000
- Miller: $9,000,000

Miller received about 12% more.  Both had very good seasons and without getting into a detailed comparison, common sense suggests that the Yankees value Chapman at least as high as Miller and Chapman should therefore be paid at least as much and probably more.

It's a small point among the dumb things that the Steinbrenner Kids and their chief lieutenant Brian Cashman have done in recent years but it just seems so obvious a mistake.  And it is consistent with their inconsistent cost cutting policy.  Here's another example:

Why Starlin Castro over Rob Refsnyder? Why Ben Zobrist over Starlin Castro? Sunday, December 13, 2015

March 25, 2016 is about a week before opening day.  It's also the day after Starlin Castro turns 26 years old and it's the day before Rob Refsnyder turns 25.

Starlin Castro is a proven major league shortstop.  Rob Refsnyder is a minor league second baseman of unknown (at least to the public) fielding ability...

What does it say about Rob Refsnyder that the Yankees would pay so much more for Starlin Castro? 

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