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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Turning the corner on barbarism and vigilantism? Syndergaard ejected for throwing behind Utley.

Chase Utley during the 2015 tournament slid hard and late into a Met shortstop, breaking the other player's leg. Utley was criticized and rules for play around second base were adjusted to protect all players. The Mets defeated the Utley's Dodgers but lost to the Royals in the finals.
Photo of Noah Syndergaard
During that finals series Met starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard threw at Royals batters and ran his mouth. Recently, Syndergaard was selected on this blog as first runner up in the Bozo look-alike contest to his Met teammate Jacob DeGrom.
Photo of Jacob deGromdeGrom edges Syndergaard in 2016 Bozo look-alike contest. Sunday, May 22, 2016

In tonight's Dodger game in New York Syndergaard threw behind Utley and was immediately ejected by the young plate umpire. Utley later hit two home runs, driving in five runs.

Unfortunately, the FOX play-by-play announcer made my teeth hurt by siding ad nauseam with Syndergaard. That's because both are morons.

Recently, 2015 MVP Josh Donaldson changed the conversation from one of the eye for an eye perspectives to something approaching rational thought. Donaldson had been victimized by Phil Hughes who is one of the best control pitchers. The intent of Hughes was as obvious as that of Syndergaard: retaliation for a perceived past bad act. Donaldson's offense was that he had not run out a ground ball against the Twins.

It all seems ridiculous and absurd. How did we get here? Are we finally breaking the chain of barbarism and vigilantism? Have we turned the corner?

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