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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Random radical thoughts.

The previous post has a link to my Blog Talk Radio site. The most recent and probably last program was done in the fall of 2010. I listened to that 2010 program this morning. It's disconcerting that none of my ideas have been implemented. I ticked off about ten items. None were about reviewing a play. Let's see what I can remember.

- start each inning with the top of the order
- start the count at 3-2; batters gets two swings, then is out
- extend foul territory 45 feet into fair territory from the back point of home plate, thus reducing the number of bunts and dribblers in play and taking into account that there is no catcher to pick them up (see below)
- eliminate the mound and have pitchers release from the rubber distance (today I would add that the release point be at about 63.5 feet, whatever the half way point is between home and second; no the rubber is NOT in the middle of the diamond)
- eliminate stealing bases; base runners may not leave the base before the ball is hit
- eliminate the catching position
- move both the catcher and plate umpire out of harm's way and into fair territory; umpire behind the pitcher; catcher ...
- strike zone is a round bull's eye, about 20 inches in diameter; batter may request it be positioned anywhere between his knees and shoulders; one size fits all
- fly caught on warning track is NOT an out; safety issue
- foul fly caught is not an out; stupid rule.

OK, that's enough to make some heads explode.

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