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Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4 doubleheader attended 55 years ago.



Yankee Stadium I
Attendance: 74,246

Top of the 9th, Tigers Batting, Tied 2-2, Yankees' Rollie Sheldon facing 8-9-1

R. Colavito facing R. Sheldon - Fernandez Steals Hm; Kaline Steals 3B; Bruton Steals 2B


They sold standing room, which boosted the attendance over the official capacity of 67,000. The teams split, with Detroit remaining in first place by two games. Roger Maris hit number 31 in game two.

I only wanted to attend doubleheaders. We couldn't get enough baseball. Now I can't watch one game on HDTV without multiple other things to provide entertainment. Baseball games have become so SLOW and BORING. Was it always so? To some extent, yes, but it gets worse with each passing year.

I enjoyed the heck out of that 1961 doubleheader and the one I attended a month later when Mickey Mantle hit three home runs against Minnesota.

Yanks are playing a single against the White Sox in Chicago this afternoon. At least it's a July 4 day game. I'll watch ... and do other stuff, like watch other games and check my laptop, tablet, etc.

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