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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Will Red Sox players cheer Alex Rodriguez tonight at Fenway Park?

Alex Rodriguez is supposed to start tonight. Since July 22, Rodriguez has started only once: July 30 in Tampa when he struck out in all four plate appearances (PA).

Last night he pinch hit and was booed by Red Sox fans. However, that was in the 7th inning with Boston leading 4-2 and two Yankees on base. Rodriguez flied out but the Yankees scored five runs and won the game 9-4.

Tonight Rodriguez will probably bat four times against the knuckle ball pitcher Steven Wright. It will be interesting to see what spot in the lineup Rodriguez is placed by manager Joe Girardi, who is feeling the pressure in this melodrama, which began after the Yankees traded their best hitter, Carlos Beltran, August 1 but did not return Rodriguez to DH, where Beltran had replaced him. Sunday the Yankees announced that Rodriguez would be released after tomorrow night's game at Yankee Stadium against Tampa and that Rodriguez would start in that game. Rodriguez will then sign a contract to become a Yankee consultant in 2017 but receive his baseball salary for the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017, about $27 million.

Depending on game situation, the Red Sox players will stand in their dugout and applaud Rodriguez, possibly in his last PA. The Red Sox fans will then follow their players and do the same. My guess is that David Ortiz will influence both groups. Ortiz announced before the season that this will be his last.

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