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Monday, January 30, 2017

Duke Snider Home Runs 1953-1957: >= 40, 23 in Ebbets Field, 96% off righties.

Claim to fame for Duke Snider: at least 40 Home Runs in five consecutive seasons, the final five that the Dodgers played in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles.

Home runs hit in Roosevelt Stadium 1956-1957. Monday, April 21, 2014

(Dodgers) tested the west by playing 15 games in Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ during their final two seasons in Brooklyn ...

It was used for fifteen "home" games ... seven in 1956 and eight in 1957 ... a negotiating tactic with the Borough of Brooklyn, in pursuit of a new stadium to replace Ebbets Field ... Roosevelt Stadium had 10,000 parking spaces compared to Ebbets Field's 700.


Roosevelt Stadium is mentioned for completeness. It does not impact the overall numbers much. It does, however, produce this fact that is almost completely missed:

Duke Snider hit exactly 23 home runs in Ebbets Field in each of those five consecutive seasons. Since Roosevelt Stadium was technically Snider's home park, the two that he hit there in 1956 are lumped together with the 23 Snider hit in Ebbets Field to produce 25 at "home".


Snider's home run rate (AB/HR (lower is better)) in Ebbets Field is really good. However, what is really astonishing are the percent of homers and at bats (AB) that Snider had in those seasons against right handed pitching.

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In 1956 and 1957 Snider hit only one home run against a lefty.

For 1953-1957 Duke Snider hit 96% of his home runs against righties and had 89% of his AB against righties. Generally, about 72% of pitches are thrown by righties.

Snider was a left handed batter, well protected by the many righty batters in the Dodger lineup in those years. That was documented in this blog in detail a few years ago.

Duke Snider died at 84. Monday, February 28, 2011

The entire (1957) Dodger team hit only 8 homers against lefty pitchers. Snider was very well protected in a heavily right handed hitting lineup, which faced few lefties.

In 1957 Hall of Fame southpaw Warren Spahn won the MLB Cy Young award. He faced the Dodgers only once: Sunday, August 4, 1957 1:32PM, County Stadium. Spahn relieved in the ninth and faced two batters: Don Zimmer and Jim Gilliam, retiring both; Spahn was credited with a save...

Both Snider individually and all Dodgers faced less than 11% lefty pitchers (1953-1957). Contrast that with MLB lefty pitchers percent of plate Appearances (PA):

1953 30.19%
1954 28.03%
1955 28.73%
1956 26.67%
1957 22.87%

Duke Snider: Brooklyn v. LA Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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