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Monday, March 6, 2017

Start extra innings with runners on: 1 in 10th, 2 in 11th, 3 in 12th?

My position for some time has been that there should be no overtime during the regular season in any of the team sports.

But when there is overtime in baseball, maybe the form should be a combination of three ideas.

Joe Torre recently suggested experimenting in a minor league with one runner on.

I noticed that the WBC uses an international rule of two runners on in the 11th inning.

I wrote a post about this and a friend expressed his outrage at any such change but suggested limiting overtime to three innings, i.e., ending in a tie after 12 innings.

So, how about starting these innings with these number of base runners, starting them at first base:
10: 1
11: 2
12 and later: 3

I'm anxious to see an extra innings game in the WBC tournament that starts today.

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