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Monday, May 8, 2017

Commissioner Rob Manfred, are Adam Jones walk up "nigga" lyrics acceptable?

Irony at the least but more likely hypocrisy seem at play.

Google search on "baltimore orioles walk up songs":


First listed:


Note: mlb.com

Orioles Ballpark Music

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Adam JonesAdam JonesSong Thumbnail
Bout That Life
Meek Mill
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Song Thumbnail
California Love
2pac Featuring Dr. Dre
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Song Thumbnail
Lose My Mind
Young Jeezy
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Oh, we can "buy" the songs in Apple iTunes. Right at the top are three for Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, including "Bout That Life" by Meek Mill.

I read about this elsewhere, so I decided to check. I had never heard of either the song or the "artist". If we click on the iTunes link:


A search on "bout that life lyrics":

These niggas ain't about that life
Ain't bout that life, ain't bout that life (you ain't bout that life)
That nigga right there, that nigga right there,
Look at that nigga right there
That bitch right there, that bitch right there
Look at that bitch right there
You ain't bout that life, you ain't bout that
Got price tags you ain't bout that
That bitch you love we popped that
That shit talk you ain't bout that
Don't get caught in that traffic
Niggas ain't bout that action
You can keep your chain
My niggas don't want that plastic
Niggas talkin' bout they got mill
Niggas talkin' bout they got wheels
Niggas talkin bout they got skill
He alright, he not real
Got a little flow that's cool with me
Got a little dough that's cool with me
Got a… Full lyrics on Google Play Music

In 20 lines we have these counts:
- nigga/niggas 13
- bitch 4
- shit 1

Full lyrics on Google Play Music:
- nigga/niggas 27
- bitch 10
- fuck 3
- shit 2
- pussy 2

But who's counting? Certainly not Rob Manfred, who was outraged about Alex Rodriguez and performance enhancing drugs (PED). Manfred was also outraged about Adam Jones being called a nigger by some fans in Fenway Park in Boston a few days ago.

But what policy, if any, applies to a money making crowd pleaser like portions of songs being played at the request of players when they come to bat or enter to pitch?

Adam Jones, like all the players, selected the song or songs, which they want played and associated with them. Since Jones picked three songs, let's assume that "Bout That Life" is played 'bout one third of the time for Jones.

Are the lyrics sung or is it a music only version? The very first line has the word niggas.

Is that song played when Adam Jones comes to bat on the road? Was it played the other night in Boston when those fans called Jones a nigger?

Might it be played in Yankee Stadium when Adam Jones bats there? Does commissioner Rob Manfred, the A-Rod Slayer, have any concern about this? Does Adam Jones? Anyone?

Hypocrisy? Mendacity? Irony for sure.

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