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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mickey Mantle Righty/Lefty Home/Road

Mickey Mantle data link in at least one post in May 2013 was not working. That post has been corrected and here's the good link:


It contains a lot of splits not available elsewhere, namely:
Righty/Lefty Home
Righty/Lefty Road

Or the reverse if you prefer. Unfortunately, we generally get:

but not a breakdown of each. For instance, Mantle's home run rate (homers per At Bat) are about even Home/Road: about one homer every 15 AB. But how does that break down Righty/Lefty? About even on the road but in Yankee Stadium: one homer every 13 AB batting lefty but only one homer every 19 AB batting righty. But that still comes out to about one homer every 15 AB at home because Mantle batted much more lefty than righty, both home and road.

So, idle conjecture about Yankee Stadium impacting his home runs can be resolved with this basic data.

There are 12 tabs in the file being shared. Enjoy.

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