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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Roger Maris and Aaron Judge: became 25 year old sluggers in their first Yankee season.

Roger Maris was 25 years old in his first Yankee season, although he was far from a rookie, like 25 year old Aaron Judge is this year. Maris had already played for Cleveland and the Kansas City Athletics 1957-1959. Maris hit two Home Runs in his first Yankee game in 1960. Judge homered in his first plate appearance (PA) Aug. 13, 2016 but then struggled and finished with strike outs in half his 2016 At Bats (AB). Judge's rookie status is intact through 2017.

Maris turned 25 Sept. 10, 1959. Judge turned 25 April 26, 2017, so Maris was an older 25. In their first Yankee season both Maris and Judge suddenly had much higher Home Run rates than previously. Both played right field.

Sanchez, Judge, Bellinger have better Home Run rates in major league than minor. Saturday, June 24, 2017

HR 26 hit in PA:

2017 Judge: Yankee game 72 (6/24/17), PA 303.

1960 Maris: PA 286.

1961 Maris: PA 272. Maris went on to hit 61 and break the season HR record of 60 set by Babe Ruth in 1927.

60 Home Runs in 154 games: Ruth yes. Maris no. Bonds, McGwire, Sosa? Monday, June 12, 2017

Some recent posts about Roger Maris hitting 100 Home Runs in his first two Yankee seasons: 1960-1961.

Roger Maris, Ford Frick and the asterisk (*) for 61 Home Runs in 1961. by Kenneth Matinale 6/6/17

Roger Maris: 1960-1961 righty/lefty, home/road splits. by Kenneth Matinale 6/6/17

Roger Maris Home Run graph by PA 1960-1961. Tied at PA 338. by Kenneth Matinale 6/5/17

Roger Maris 1961 PA per pitcher. by Kenneth Matinale 6/1/17

Roger Maris 1960 PA per pitcher. by Kenneth Matinale 6/1/17

Roger Maris loses 1960 Home Run race to Mickey Mantle 40-39. by Kenneth Matinale 6/1/17

Roger Maris: 100 Home Runs in 1960-1961 - background and overview. Kenneth Matinale 5/28/17

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