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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Home Run leaders through 2/3 of 2017: Judge, Stanton, Moustakas, Smoak, Bellinger, ... Morrison.

Home Run leaders July 30, 2017:
1.Stanton • MIA33
Judge • NYY33
3.Moustakas • KCR30
4.Smoak • TOR29
5.Bellinger • LAD28
Davis • OAK28
7.Harper • WSN27
Springer • HOU27
Bruce • NYM27
10.Morrison • TBR26
Votto • CIN26

Let's take a closer look at the top five and Morrison.

Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger are rookie HR hitting sensations who were addressed a bit in the previous post.

Giancarlo Stanton will probably exceed his previous high of 37 in 2012 and 2014.

Mike Moustakis, who will be 29 Sept. 11, is well past his previous high of 22 in 2015 in 549 AB with 30 in only 366 AB.

Thirty year old Justin Smoak in 2013 hit 20 HR in 454 AB; in 2017 29 HR in 351 AB.

Finally, tied at number ten is Logan Morrison who will be 30 August 25. Previous high: in 2011 23 HR in 462 AB. 2017: 26 HR in 333 AB.

So, in addition to the twin rookie marvels Judge and Bellinger we have late career HR success stories in Moustakis, Smoak and Morrison.
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So what the heck? Is there something in the water? In the ball? Juice?

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