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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Worse: Red Sox cheating or Yankees tattling?

Conduct unbecoming? But of whom? Obviously, all concerned but to what extent?

The absurdity of the Red Sox facilitating the stealing of the signs from Yankee catchers to Yankee pitchers in Fenway Park by having them transferred to the Apple Watch of an assistant trainer is amusing and pathetic.

But what of Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman? Instead of contacting the Red Sox, Cashman ran to tell the principal, huh, commissioner: Manfred, the A-Rod Slayer. Lest we forget, Rob Manfred inherited his job because he persecuted Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Ironically, the Yankees did not support their own. The Yankees actually punished Rodriguez as much as they could given all the money they owed him. The Yankees even dumped Rodriguez in mid August 2016 AFTER the Yankees had tanked the season. They did it for spite, petty vindictiveness, to prevent Rodriguez from reaching 700 career home runs ... and earning a multi-million dollar bonus.

That is the type of person who just informed on the Red Sox. But only a few weeks ago, Red Sox owner John Henry put his personal integrity credentials on display by his asking the city of Boston to re-name the street on which Fenway Park exists. It is called Yawkey Way, after the late and long time Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey, who is now vilified by some self righteous people as a racist. Yawkey was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1980:


Irony abounds.

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