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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catcher: position of ignorance.

Cather's gear is called the tools of ignorance. That's putting it mildly. Baseball catcher is easily the stupidest position among the three American team sports. Only football center comes close. Catcher could be eliminated if MLB had any imagination. It's not like only a couple of baseballs are available for a game. Or there were no ball boys to quickly supply a ball to the pitcher. If a batter misses a third strike why must the catcher catch the ball on a fly? If the catcher does not, he must tag the batter or throw to first before the batter reaches first. Why? What the heck sense does that make? It appears to be encouragement for the catcher to hustle the ball back to the pitcher. Don't want the pace of the game to slow down. Noooooo. Good old MLB wants the game to flow right along until the batter steps out to scratch himself. Or the pitcher steps off the rubber. Or a manager or coach emerges for one of the unlimited number of pointless meetings in a game that requires no meetings. MLB continues to force the catcher to catch the third strike. This type of stuff is killing what little is left of the old American pastime. Modernize the rules so that the game makes some sense and so that it flows.


Anonymous said...

this might very well be the most ignorant baseball argument i have ever heard. your contention is that there simply should be NO CATCHER? really? that's what your goin' with?

Ken said...



Steve20A said...

Never. NEVER! The position that brought us Yogi Berra will FOREVER be in baseball. FOR EVER. Get it?