Friday, September 29, 2023

Freddie Freeman may reach 60 doubles in 2023. Details 1903-2023 of 98 seasons of at least 50 doubles.

Update 9/30/2023: Freeman hit double #59 in game 160: 

Freddie Freeman has 58 doubles so far in 2023. That's 159 games with three to go.

1903-2023 there have been 98 seasons of at least 50 doubles, including multiples by some players. 46 of the 98: 1997-2023.

This post will look at a little more than doubles as a total. Here are the top 22 doubles seasons with percentage of Total Bases for 1B, 2B, 3B, HR:

1931Earl Webb1126731431136.01%43.09%2.89%18.01%
1936Joe Medwick12864131836734.88%34.88%10.63%19.62%
1926George Burns145643429848.66%42.95%3.02%5.37%
1934Hank Greenberg1056372635629.49%35.39%5.90%29.21%
1932Paul Waner1356210832142.06%38.63%9.35%9.97%
1936Charlie Gehringer14060121535639.33%33.71%10.11%16.85%
2000Todd Helton1135924240527.90%29.14%1.48%41.48%
1930Chuck Klein1435984044532.13%26.52%5.39%35.96%
1923Tris Speaker13159111735037.43%33.71%9.43%19.43%
2023Freddie Freeman1135822833333.93%34.83%1.80%33.63%
2019Nick Castellanos905832732327.86%35.91%2.79%33.44%
2000Carlos Delgado975714137825.66%30.16%0.79%43.39%
1936Billy Herman142577529747.81%38.38%7.07%6.73%
1935Billy Herman157576731749.53%35.96%5.68%8.83%
2017José Ramírez955662934127.86%32.84%5.28%34.02%
2009Brian Roberts1065611628537.19%39.30%1.05%22.46%
2002Garret Anderson1075632934431.10%32.56%2.62%33.72%
2002Nomar Garciaparra1125652433533.43%33.43%4.48%28.66%
1999Craig Biggio1165601629239.73%38.36%0.00%21.92%
1950George Kell148566831047.74%36.13%5.81%10.32%
1937Joe Medwick14056103140634.48%27.59%7.39%30.54%

Freeman with 59 is tied at #7.

There are only six seasons of 60 or more doubles, fewer than the nine 60 home runs seasons (seven 1998-2022). No players hit 60 doubles more than once. There have been 48 seasons of at least 50 home runs, including 54 by Matt Olson so far in 2023.

All of those 60 doubles seasons occured between 1926-1936. The highest home run total was 26. After 63 doubles in 1934, Hank Greenberg later hit 58 home runs in 1938.

1995Albert Belle705215037718.57%27.59%0.80%53.05%

Albert Belle is the only player to hit at least 50 doubles and 50 home runs in the same season. Belle had only 70 singles, the fewest for seasons of at least 50 doubles.

Maybe the home field was a factor. Doubles home and road:

1931Earl Webb392858.2%41.8%19611267314
1936Joe Medwick343053.1%46.9%223128641318
1926George Burns382659.4%40.6%2161456434
1934Hank Greenberg412265.1%34.9%20110563726
1932Paul Waner362658.1%41.9%21513562108
1936Charlie Gehringer322853.3%46.7%227140601215
2000Todd Helton283147.5%52.5%21611359242
1930Chuck Klein322754.2%45.8%25014359840
1923Tris Speaker322754.2%45.8%218131591117
2023Freddie Freeman253146.6%53.4%20711358228
2019Nick Castellanos342458.6%41.4%1789058327
2000Carlos Delgado282949.1%50.9%1969757141
1936Billy Herman362163.2%36.8%2111425775
1935Billy Herman302752.6%47.4%2271575767
2017José Ramírez292751.8%48.2%1869556629
2009Brian Roberts292751.8%48.2%17910656116
2002Garret Anderson292751.8%48.2%19510756329
2002Nomar Garciaparra292751.8%48.2%19711256524
1999Craig Biggio272948.2%51.8%18811656016
1950George Kell342260.7%39.3%2181485668
1937Joe Medwick342260.7%39.3%237140561031

Earl Webb hit the most doubles: 67.   39 or 58.2% at home. But in this top 22 list, others hit at least 60% at home. Greenberg hit 41 (65.1%) at home, both tops in this group. But the highest among the 98 seasons of at least 50 doubles:

1921Tris Speaker421080.8%19.2%18311452143

Tris Speaker hit the most doubles at home (42) and the highest percent (80.8%). Only 10 of his 52 doubles on the road, the lowest number and lowest percent of doubles (19.2%). Speaker also had the fewest HR: 3.

Fewest at home and lowest home percentage AND highest on the road:

1927Lou Gehrig163630.8%69.2%218101521847

Lou Gehrig: 36 of 52 doubles on the road.

11 of the 98 were helped playing home games in Fenway Park in Boston.

Percent of hits:

1931Earl Webb1961126731457.14%34.18%1.53%7.14%
1936Joe Medwick22312864131857.40%28.70%5.83%8.07%
1926George Burns216145643467.13%29.63%1.39%1.85%
1934Hank Greenberg2011056372652.24%31.34%3.48%12.94%
1932Paul Waner2151356210862.79%28.84%4.65%3.72%
1936Charlie Gehringer22714060121561.67%26.43%5.29%6.61%
2000Todd Helton2161135924252.31%27.31%0.93%19.44%
1930Chuck Klein2501435984057.20%23.60%3.20%16.00%
1923Tris Speaker21813159111760.09%27.06%5.05%7.80%
2023Freddie Freeman2071135822854.59%28.02%0.97%13.53%
2019Nick Castellanos178905832750.56%32.58%1.69%15.17%
2000Carlos Delgado196975714149.49%29.08%0.51%20.92%
1936Billy Herman211142577567.30%27.01%3.32%2.37%
1935Billy Herman227157576769.16%25.11%2.64%3.08%
2017José Ramírez186955662951.08%30.11%3.23%15.59%
2009Brian Roberts1791065611659.22%31.28%0.56%8.94%
2002Garret Anderson1951075632954.87%28.72%1.54%14.87%
2002Nomar Garciaparra1971125652456.85%28.43%2.54%12.18%
1999Craig Biggio1881165601661.70%29.79%0.00%8.51%
1950George Kell218148566867.89%25.69%2.75%3.67%
1937Joe Medwick23714056103159.07%23.63%4.22%13.08%

Record holder Earl Webb had the highest percent of hits that were doubles of all 98 seasons of at least 50 doubles: 34.18%.

Chuck Klein and Joe Medwick among the top 22 doubles seasons above had lowest percent of hits that were doubles, almost dead even at 23.6%.

Among the 98 seasons of at least 50 doubles, here is the season with the lowest percent of hits that were doubles:

1930Kiki Cuyler22814850171364.91%21.93%7.46%5.70%

Cuyler was a shade below 22%.

For the 98 seasons of at least 50 doubles:


1927 Harry Heilmann: BA .398
1920 Tris Speaker: OBP .483
1927 Lou Gehrig: SLG .765; OPS 1.240; OPS+ 220

1997 Mark Grudzielanek: lowest OBP, OPS, OPS+
2006 Luis Gonzalez: lowest BA
2004 Brian Roberts: lowest SLG

Five seasons of at least 50 doubles:
Tris Speaker: 59, 53, 52, 52, 50

Three seasons of at least 50 doubles: Waner, Roberts, Pujols, Musial.

46 of the 98 were 1997-2023.

For perspective:
1903-1960 16 teams; 154 games
1997-2023 30 teams; 162 games, 5% more.

Of the 46 seasons of at least 50 doubles 1997-2023:

2000 Todd Helton 59
2023 Freddie Freeman 58 and counting
2019 Nick Castellonos 58
2000 Carlos Delgado 57

Most home runs and 50 doubles:
2001 Todd Helton 54 doubles, 49 home runs

Highest OPS+:
2003 Albert Pujols: OPS+ 187, 51 doubles

Average OPS+: 133. Only three below 100: Gonzalez, Roberts, Grudzielanek (81).

Three seasons of at least 50 doubles: Roberts, Pujols.

Two seasons of at least 50 doubles: Helton, Garciaparra, Cabrera, Biggio.