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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ice cream truck on the field.

A friend suggested that an ice cream truck be sent out on the field to provide refreshments to the players who have plenty of time to consume a Popsicle during the numerous unnecessary periods of dead time in a MLB game. Sounds good to me. Anything to emphasise the absurdity that has swallowed a once interesting game and made it almost unwatchable as a lone source of entertainment.
I almost never watch a game on TV without lots of other stuff to provide content:
- another MLB game or two
- other sporting events, especially NFL and NBA
- news or public interest programs
- web
- movies
- Law & Order reruns
- House reruns
- NCIS reruns
- Monk marathons.
That's enough. Needless to say, actually attending a four hour game has lost almost all of its appeal, especially considering the nasty weather elements that MLB will force on the attending fans without regard to their comfort or safety.
How about an ice cream truck in my living room?

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