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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Selig cannot imagine changes to playoff system.

During yesterday's ill fated interview on ESPN radio MLB commissioner Bud Selig was asked about adding another wild card team. He's stuck in old thinking. Buddy said
- no team wanted to shorten the regular season
- players did not want a single play-in game
- adding another round of playoff games would push the World Series well into November.
November baseball: hey, more rain and cold. MLB does not seem to care about the comfort of fans attending games now so why not?
MLB could:
- give top team a bye
- have teams four and five play a one game play-in game; everybody is in love with Tuesday's Detroit-Minnesota play-in game; they could have two of those each season.
To emphasize the point made yesterday, not counting the play-in game, through 162 games Yanks had most AL wins (103), Texas was out with 87 and Detroit and Minnesota had 86 and the play-in game to reach 87 and a division title. Plus, Boston (95 wins) must travel to California to play the Angels (97 wins). Teams should be aligned geographically to avoid needless travel. If that series goes the maximum five games the Red Sox will travel from Massachusetts to California to Massachusetts to California. And like most industries now, MLB is bragging about how "green" it has become. And there's a three hour time difference. In round ONE!
Obviously, this is a lousy system but few mentioned Texas or the travel because they've become desensitized since 1994. The system is not fair and glorifying the stupid wild card is really stupid. See my original radical baseball post from what I wrote on June 9, 2006:
3. Four leagues, no divisions.

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