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Thursday, January 28, 2010


MLB.TV can be viewed live on new iPad | MLB.com: News 1. What about non-Apple computer products? For instance there is no mention of the Google Android Operating System. 2. How does the stupid blackout rule work? MLB does not seem to understand that people really want this so that they can watch their home team when they are away from home. Depriving fans of watching their home team when the fan travels provides is no benefit to the team designated to "own" the geographic area being visited. 3. How does this relate to "MLB Extra Innings", the 80 game a week premium package that subscribers can get from companies like Cablevision? Strangely, I could find no mention of "MLB Extra Innings" on the MLB web site. See: http://www.optimum.com/io/sports/mlb.jsp The stupid blackout rule also applies. See "MLB Extra Innings Blackout Restrictions". MLB has cut a deal with Apple Computers for its brand new Tablet product but MLB cannot grapple with the concept of uniform playing areas. Argh!

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