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Monday, August 16, 2010

Speed limit for pitchers.

Pitchers are not allowed to throw a pitch more than 90 miles per hour.

And get rid of that stupid mound. Talk about leveling the playing field.

Currently tall pitchers have an advantage because they can release the ball closer to home plate. I've already suggested forcing the pitchers to release the ball from within a pitchers box but that rule has not been enacted.

Limiting the speed of the pitch has advantages:

- pitchers cannot rely on over powering batters
- pitchers may be more likely to throw more strikes
- arm trouble may be reduced.

It's not the number of pitches that injure a pitcher's arm, it's the type of pitches. Limiting speed may help. The catcher makes 150 throws a game and rarely suffers an arm injury. Whitey Ford (1950-1967) is the only Hall of Fame pitcher since 1946 under six feet tall: 70 inches, i.e., 5'10". Recently retired Randy Johnson is 6'10". Johnson probably released the ball at least a foot closer to the batter than Ford, increasing the speed of his fastball as it crossed the plate.

One of the rationals for banning performance enhancing stuff is to protect the player from himself. Limiting pitch speed does just that. Plus, how is it fair to a pitcher like Ford? Isn't that another issue with steroid zealots?

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