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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stats: how about checking the stuff that's easy to check?

The Yankees played Detroit recently. Yankee announcer Michael Kay mentioned for the umpteenths time that current Tiger, former Yankee Johnny Damon had only 7 homers because he now played his home games in Detroit, not in Yankee Stadium.

An obvious reaction: even if all 7 homers had been hit on the road, doubling his total to 14 still left Damon with a home run slump. I did not bother to check until I started reading today's NY Times article about the possible return of Damon to Boston, where Damon played immediately before his Yankee seasons. I knew his home run production would again be brought up, so I checked. It took about a minute.

Damon has 6 home runs at home in Detroit and one on the road - in Tampa.

Now how difficult would it have been for Michael Kay or one of the other Yankee announcers, all former ball players, to have checked that before or even during the games? I am amazed that the baseball announcers still rely on stats boys to feed them this type of stuff. They should have a computer running during games and they should look up stuff as it pops into their heads. It's not as if the game is so fast paced that they don't have the time: between pitches, between innings, during meetings, during arguments, during pitching changes etc.

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