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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazy media: check the facts!

Today I heard a prominent media personality on ESPN disparage the credentials of Seattle pitcher Felix Hernandez to win the AL Cy Young award, mostly because Hernandez has a 13-12 record. Despite the fact that Hernandez leads AL in innings, strike outs and ERA, media guy said that Hernandez did not pitch in the tough AL east. The implication was that Hernandez pitched more against weaker hitting AL west teams.

I checked how Hernandez did against AL teams.


I sorted by OPS allowed by Hernandez. The only AL teams with OPS lower than .500:

Yankees .495
Boston .494
Toronto .440

Three best OPS against Hernandez:

Angels .738
Texas .727
Oakland .648

The Yanks and Red Sox lead AL in runs scored.

In other words if Hernandez had pitched in the AL east he might have even better numbers.

Rather than run his mouth this high profile media guy could have checked. It took me about two minutes.

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