Friday, November 26, 2010

Derek Jeter is greedy and selfish.

NY Daily News writer Bill Madden reports that Derek Jeter, born June 26, 1974, is asking for $150 million for six years. Wow! Jeter is really nuts.

I don't see any significant number of fans attending Yankee games in 2011 because Jeter is playing for them.

If Jeter signed with Boston:

Would season ticket subscribers not renew?

Would casual fans go to fewer Yankee games?

Would I watch fewer games on TV?

No. No. No.

Other than Boston trying to tweak the Yankees, I don't see any other team offering Jeter $10M for 2011. Probably not even $8M. Jeter should talk to Damon and see how that worked out.

Plus, A-Rod will be playing for the Yanks after Jeter is gone and will be the next captain. Yanks have much more invested in A-Rod and A-Rod will be paying off long after Jeter gets hit 3,000 in June 2011 about the time Jeter turns 37. A-Rod will be approaching 700 HOMERS in 3-4 years!

Hasn't Jeter been paid the second most money in MLB history?

And as for Jeter's agent and that announcer on CNBC today who stupidly compare Jeter to Ruth: check the damn facts! Ruth's final salaries with the Yankees:

1931 $80,000
1932 $75,000
1933 $52,000
1934 $36,696

Maybe Jeter thinks he has a shot at 4,000 hits. If so, then he's putting his personal stats ahead of the team.

Jeter is ruining his image by being greedy and selfish. The Yanks offered Jeter $45,000,000 for three seasons (way too much money and time). The Yanks look like they being more than reasonable and practicing good business.

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