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Monday, February 14, 2011

Willie Mays home runs: home v. road - somebody tell Bob Costas

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I'm watching MLB network.  Bob Costas is interviewing Willie Mays.  Costas just babbled about how many more home runs Mays would have hit if Mays had not played home games in Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

It's criminal that a guy who is not over 80 years old in 2011 is too lazy and/or stupid to simply check the facts, which are available to everyone.  Costas could have hired a high school intern to check but apparently Costas has not had a new thought on this in his life.

Costas has been coasting on his reputation for many years.  MLB should wake up and either fire Costas or, if possible, force him to do some original research.  Costas simply repeats the same incorrect junk that old timers repeat but Costas is only 58 years old.  There's no excuse for Costas to continue to be this lame for this long.  Usually it's dumb former jocks who repeat nonsense, not guys who are supposed to be journalists.  Maybe Costas thinks of himself as an entertainer but even then Costas has an obligation to be accurate.  What a jerk.

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