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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drive small market teams out of MLB. Contraction by fans!

Boycott small market teams.  MLB will never eliminate them.  The big teams will never have the imagination or nerve to secede from MLB and form the Super League that I described.  So, we fans need to force this.

Drive Pittsburgh, Kansas City, etc. the heck out of MLB  If they want to stay in business let them form a AAAA minor league.  Eliminate from MLB all the teams that whine about big market teams and take revenue sharing money from big market fans.

Not only do not attend their home games, do not attend their road games, especially in big market cities.

Do not buy their merchandise.

Do not buy products of their TV and radio sponsors and inform the sponsors of your position.

Do not watch them of TV.

Contraction by fans!

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zlaycock said...

You must be a Yankees fan...