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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mitch Williams: MLB network embarrassment.

TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2011  Former MLB players as TV analysts: mostly suck!

The MLB analysts don't just suck.  They're morons, especially Harold Reynolds and Mitch Williams, both a wealth of misinformation.

Recently Mitch Williams was trying to explain why he thought Derek Jeter of the Yankees was as good as ever.  Williams stated that in 2010 Jeter scored 111 runs and Jeter's career average per season was 112.

Jeter has played 15 full seasons and scored 1,685 runs.  Let's subtract the five runs he scored in 15 games in 1995.  That's 1,680 runs divided by 15.  It does equal 112.  Williams was correct.

It does include 2003 when Jeter played 119 games and scored 87 so the 112 is lower than his real full season average.  Let's get the average for the other 14 seasons.


114 is pretty close.  However, who evaluates a player that way?  If Williams is trying to show Jeter's value in reaching base why doesn't he simply look at on base percentage?  Jeter's three lowest OBP seasons:

2008 .363
2004 .352
2010 .340

Career .385

Looks like Jeter is slipping.  Two of his last three seasons are among his three worst and Jeter will be 37 June 26.

How many runs would Jeter have scored in 2010 if his OBP had equaled his career average?  Probably more than 111.

Jeter scores runs because he gets on base and runs the bases well and because his teammates drive him in.  How many more RBI would they have had in 2010 if Jeter had been on base more often?

Mitch Williams is a moron.  MLB network should be embarrassed.


Scott said...

Really? I'm sure you could do much better? Do you know that he knows most of the stats he qoutes by heart? So quick to judge, yet you wouldn't be fit to carry his Jock!

Ken said...

I just did a LOT better, you moron. Do you have experience carrying jocks? Vulgar and non-original. Nice try. Talk about quick to judge.

Louie said...

This article is practically pointless. You took a legitimate point about Mitch and completely butchered it. In fact, you spent the first half of the article showing that Williams actualy was correct about what he said. The analysis about Williams' lack of statistical understanding could have gone about 50ft, but you decided to go 3in with it.

I really regret reading this at all. So as compensation, I need to let you know that I think that your writing is vapid, lacks passion, and is completely lazy. To top it off, from the look of your picture, the fact that you're probably 30 years older than me is really sad.

But if there's a silver lining to this cloud of disappointment, just know that you've inspired me as a writer because you've shown me exactly what to avoid doing when creating an article on sports analyis.

Kenneth Matinale said...

I wrote this MARCH 8, 2011 and you just commented? Behind in your reading?

Nothing you wrote was on point or valid criticism.

Let me know when you start to write your own stuff so I can comment. And put up a photo and profile. Then let's see how much you want to run your mouth.

My guess is that you'll maintain the anonymity you so richly deserve.