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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My major posts about steroids:

Radical Baseball Feb 20, 2008

It's not steroids. It's the fences. Baseball is the only American team
sport in which the playing area is not uniform. Imagine a National
Basketball Association (NBA) game played at Madison Square Garden. The three-point line is drawn ...


MLB should allow performance enhancing stuff.  May 09, 2009
It would be much safer to take things like steroids under the care of a doctor. That would greatly reduce the chances that someone would drive to Mexico and buy a steroid of unknown quality. The doctor could instruct the patient on ...


Black Sox: some thoughts.  Jun 10, 2009
There are clear paralells between the old gambling scandal and the
current steroids scandal with one exception: the gamblers played to
LOSE, the steroid users played to WIN. The two things that they have in common: ...


McGwire and irrational thought. Jan 18, 2010

Last week Mark McGwire announced that he had used steroids and human growth hormones, mostly late in his career. Of course, the baseball media and some incredibly old fart fans became irrational about this. Ho hum. ...


Steroids are only an issue for home runs. Feb 10, 2010

Those people who care about performance enhancing stuff, steroids for short, are almost exclusively concerned about baseball and,
specifically, home runs. That's it. Since 2000 the NFL record for
touch downs scored in a season has been ...


More on possible steroid use by Nolan Ryan. Aug 31, 2010

He played long enough to have used steroids. His longevity is
suspicious. Jose Canseco has admitted using steroids during his MVP season of 1988. Ryan played from 1966 through 1993 (age 46). Ryan and Canseco were even teammates in Texas ...


Those 1973 Atlanta Braves: was there something in the water?
August 31, 2010

The great Hank Aaron hit 40 homers in 1973 in only 392 at bats at age 39. 1973 was Aaron's personal best in AB/HR: 9.8. Second best: age 37, 10.5 AB per HR. Aaron entered the 1973 season with 713 career home runs, one short of Babe ...

Steroid Stars: Bonds, Clemens, Ryan FEBRUARY 14, 2011

So when will someone other than me finally catch on that strike out king Nolan Ryan was probably as into performance enhancing stuff as Bonds and Clemens?


Does Barry Bonds pay Greg Anderson not to testify? Mar 24, 2011

In 2005 Anderson plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute steroids and to money laundering. On October 18, 2005, he was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Susan ...

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