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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parity between batters and pitchers: .500 batting average.

Since 1903 for batters with at least 30 at bats for a season only three batters have had a batting average of at least .500:

Rudy Pemberton .512 1996 41 AB
Cameron Maybin .500  2008 32 AB
Gil Coan .500 1947 42 AB

So how come virtually every baseball fan has been brain washed into thinking that batters are getting all the breaks?  Wouldn't a .500 batting average be a common sense measure of parity between batters and pitchers?

The last batter to qualify for leading the league in batting average to have a batting average of at least .400 was Ted Williams in 1941: .406.  1941.  69 years ago.  And Williams failed 59.4% of the time.  Even he didn't break even with the pitchers.

Why is it acceptable for every batter since 1941 to fail at least 60% of the time?  How is that balanced?

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