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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Williams beats Mantle on the road against the six other teams, too!

Ted Williams beat Joe DiMaggio in my new comparison: on the road against the six other teams.  See my two previous posts.

I then decided to try the same technique with Williams against Mickey Mantle: 1954-1960.  I knew that Williams had very good seasons late in his career but I figured that Mantle was in his prime and, though it might not be fair to Williams, it might be interesting.  See the Mantle tab in the data.

Williams beat Mantle as he had beaten DiMaggio.

BA .321 .295
OBP .453 .423
SLG .556 .484
OPS 1.009 .907

Williams even beat Mantle in 1956, Mickey's triple crown season in "my road OPS": 1.135 1.129, although Mantle had a bid edge in 1956 over Williams in regular OPS+: 210 to 171.

Williams v. DiMaggio/Mantle: on road against the other teams v. OPS+ Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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