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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Derek Jeter v. Álex Rodríguez

Derek Jeter Height: 6' 3", Weight: 195 lb. Born: June 26, 1974

Álex Rodríguez Height: 6' 3", Weight: 230 lb. Born: July 27, 1975

As a Yankee fan I'm hearing ad nauseam from Yankee announcers that Jeter is about to become the first player to get his 3,000th hit as a Yankee and that all 3,000 will be as a Yankee.

Jeter is getting more attention from media and fans here in New York than teammate Álex Rodríguez got for hitting his 500th home run as a Yankee.  More than Rodríguez got for hitting his 600th home run as a Yankee, becoming only the seventh player to reach 600 home runs.  Rodríguez has 624 home runs, six behind number 5 on the list, Ken Griffey, Jr.  Jeter: 236 (230th).

To date 46% of the plate appearances by Rodríguez have been as a Yankee.  Two of his three AL MVP awards have been as a Yankee.  Jeter has none.

Recently Yankee announcers mentioned that Rodríguez had passed Mel Ott on the all time RBI list to move into tenth place: currently 1,856.  Jeter has 1,152 RBI (168th).

Derek Jeter and Álex Rodríguez started at about the same time and have similar numbers of plate appearances:

Jeter 10,818
Rodríguez 10,444

So comparing their totals is not unreasonable.

Jeter 1,720 (24th)
Rodríguez 1,793 (18th)

Jeter 2,989 (28th)
Rodríguez 2,731 (55th)

Jeter 476 (74th)
Rodríguez 485 (67th)

Jeter 970 (124th)
Rodríguez 1,141 (67th)

Strike Outs:
Jeter 1,600 (32nd)
Rodríguez 1,884 (7th)

Stolen Bases:
Jeter 328 (127th)
Rodríguez 304 (153rd)

Double Plays Grounded Into:
Jeter 241 (35th)
Rodríguez 218 (66th)

Runs Created:  Note: invented by Bill James to estimate the number of runs a hitter contributes to his team. I could not determine which version baseball-reference.com uses.
Jeter 1,697 (47th)
Rodríguez 2,037 (19th)

How about some averages:

Batting Average:
Jeter .313 (83rd)
Rodríguez .302 (182nd)

Jeter .383 (151st)
Rodríguez .386 (125th)

Slugging %:
Jeter .449 (378th)
Rodríguez .569 (12th)

On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS):
Jeter .832 (235th)
Rodríguez .955 (20th)

Adjusted OPS+:
Jeter 118 (391)
Rodríguez 145 (47th)

OK, it's pretty obvious that Álex Rodríguez is a much better player than Derek Jeter.  Even considering that Jeter has played his entire career as a Yankee and that Rodríguez has played only 46% as a Yankee, what the heck?

Imagine if Rodríguez had pulled that stunt that Jeter pulled last season, faking that he had been hit by a pitch and having the game delayed while the Yankee manager and trainer attended to his non-injury.  Rodríguez would have been killed by media and fans, even Yankee fans.

I love Jeter but all this 3,000 hit thing has got to tone down.  It's not that big a deal.  Let's pay more attention to Rodríguez.

Note: for an update, see:

Derek Jeter announces his retirement after 2014 season and the slobbering is in full force on the Selig TV Network.  Thursday, February 13, 2014


free redis said...

steroid admissions Álex Rodríguez 1 Derek Jeter 0

Kenneth Matinale said...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
I ask again: Is Jeter Juiced?


Even assuming that Jeter never used stuff, what statistical penalty would you apply to the stats of Rodriguez and would that drop his stats below those of Jeter?

Feel free to write something substantive this time.