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Monday, June 20, 2011

Is Robinson Cano having one of the greatest seasons ever for a 2B?

That's what an announcer said over the weekend on either Fox or ESPN, each of which televised a Yankee-Cub game.  I thought: has he ever heard of Rogers Hornsby?

Cano's 2011 OPS+ is 129.  2010 was his career best: 142.  I ran some numbers in baseball-reference.com.  Click to see the data.

Since 1903 and including 2011, second basemen have had OPS+ >= 129 157 times, including repeats for individuals.  Cano's 142 is number 63 on the list.  Rogers Hornsby is the only one over 200 (five times) and 9 of the top 12 seasons.

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