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Saturday, July 2, 2011

MLB BCS finals should be at a neutral site.

I have suggested this previously.  However, now it fits with my new suggestion that MLB pattern its playoff on the absurd NCAA college model:

1. select teams by poll
2. consider strength of schedule
3. play the MLB finals between the American and National conference champs at a neutral site.

In football, both NCAA and NFL, the championship game is played at a neutral site to mitigate the impact of one team's fans.  MLB needs to do it because its teams play in non-uniform playing areas, which no other self respecting team sport does.

It's difficult to imagine that what MLB currently does is legal, that it is not fraud to pretend that there is honest competition between and among teams when the regular season has different schedules even within a division and games are played in non-uniform playing areas with different rules in each conference.

And let's not forget that MLB has fans select players for the MLB All Star game and the All Star game decides home field advantage in the MLB finals.  Could MLB be more amateurish?  Hardly.  So why not go all the way and copy the so called amateurs, the NCAA.

MLB could really debase itself by emulating the NCAA and have post season division tournaments that impact the voting of the selection committees.

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