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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baseball has become unwatchable.

Boston Sunday Aug 7, 2011: ten innings, four hours and 15 minutes!  What an outrage.  Boston beat the Yankees 3-2.  Both Yankee runs scored on solo homers.  The Yankees had 8 hits, Boston 11.  What the heck?  FOUR hours for that!?

Watch the Little League World Series.  The kids are being taught the same boring ass bad habits that MLB players have developed over the decades.

I set my DVR fast forward button to ten seconds.  The only civilized way to watch a baseball game is on TV and by constantly clicking that DVR ten second fast forward button.  It's amazing how much dead time there really is during a game ... between pitches.  Between pitches!

It's easily correctable but neither MLB nor any of the subordinate or amateur levels of organized baseball have any inclination to correct the problem.  That's why baseball is fading as a significant American activity.  It's mid-summer.  Go out and find kids playing on the baseball fields.  You can't.  When you do find some baseball activity it's always some boring ass adult run junk.  You NEVER see kids out playing games of baseball: stickball, wiffleball, home run derby, grounders, whatever.  Games that we made up so that a few of us could play some kind of informal baseball activity.

Slow pitch softball is still popular.  The reasons are obvious.  The game moves.  It has flow.  There's no fear of being injured by a pitched ball.  Slow pitch softball is the essence of baseball.  MLB is the opposite, it's the anti-baseball.  That's why people still play slow pitch softball.  The problem is that most of the players are old.

Baseball is a dieing American sport and when its demise in America becomes apparent to those who could have saved baseball it will be too late.  MLB is played by ever higher percentages of foreign born players, approaching 30%.  Americans are not playing baseball.   Next, Americans will stop watching baseball because baseball has become unwatchable.

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